What Recruiters are Looking for to Fill Pharmaceutical Positions

Pharmaceutical Recruiters and hiring managers can actually receive hundreds of applications for a single position and only have time to review CVs before deciding whether to move a candidate toward an interview.

In order to make an immediate impact, your resume or CV will need to disclose the following information in the most concise manner.



Experience! Ensure your experience – whether 3months in one position or 2 years in another, comes across as harmonious and appropriate to the job you’re applying for.

Your Roles

You’ll need to tailor your resume to each particular biotech or pharmaceutical job that you apply for, so it’s vital that the job titles and the responsibilities you include in your resume are suitable for the position offered.

Results and Achievements

Hiring managers love to see results, so if you achieved above your target as a Sales Manager, for example, make sure you state your targets as amounts or percentages and demonstrate how you’ve overachieved.


Ensure you include all relevant skills gained and required of you in previous roles. Your skills will complement your experience and should ultimately illustrate your suitability for the job offered.

Submitting Resume in Person

When you are searching for a pharmaceutical job near your city or state, be sure to find a recruiting firm that specializes in the niche industry. There are far too many large recruitment firms that cover a large gamut from software to biotech. A good example of a boutique recruitment firm is Sci.bio Recruiting.


Be sure you highlight important certificates, particularly when they’ve been listed as essential or desirable in the biotech, biopharma. pharmaceutical, or life science industry.

Easy to Read

Use bullet points to outline skills, achievements, responsibilities, etc. rather than rambling sentences. Ensure the layout of your life science resume is clear and consistent, containing only one type of font (bold can be used to highlight).

No Inconsistencies

Ensure your resume runs in reverse chronological order and is written as accurately as possible. Make sure there are no unexplained gaps in your work history or inconsistencies in the responsibilities or achievements you’ve included.

Appropriate Language

Ensure you include important keywords throughout your resume. To do this, scan the job description and make sure your language mirrors it. Be sure your keywords in your resume include terms that are used in scientific testing, etc.

Format and Label

Ensure your resume is formatted in such a way that the recipient will be able to open it easily. Be sure that it is in a PDF format and if you include links they should be verified.



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